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BIASTUDIO jest wiodącym biurem architektonicznym zajmującym się projektowaniem budynków i wnętrz, konserwacją bundynków, nadzorem budowlanym oraz doradztwem w budownictwie.

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Architectboard Contemporary architecture

Contemporary architecture is a fascinating field that is constantly evolving, inspired by modern trends and innovative solutions. Within contemporary architecture, there is a wealth of diverse types and styles, each with its own unique features and functions.

Residential architecture: from a single-family house to a block of flats

This category of architecture covers a wide range of residential buildings, ranging from traditional single-family homes to modern apartment buildings. It is characterized by a variety of solutions, such as
ecological solutions
, using energy-efficient materials and heating systems, and
modular structures
that allow for flexible adaptation of the space to the needs of residents. In residential architecture, you can also see the growing importance
of smart technologies
that allow remote control of home elements such as lighting or heating.

Office architecture: how do we design workplaces?

Office design is a process that focuses on creating spaces that foster effective work and collaboration between employees. Today’s offices often use open-plan office spaces that foster communication and interaction, and
‘green’ elements
such as plants and green walls that improve indoor air quality and atmosphere. In addition, office architecture often integrates modern
energy-saving systems
, such as LED lighting or energy management systems, in order to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Recreation architecture: parks, sports facilities and leisure places

Recreational spaces, such as parks, sports facilities or playgrounds, are designed to provide people with a place to spend their free time actively. It is important that such places are
, accessible to different age groups and with different needs, and
, providing appropriate conditions for using them. Modern
interactive technologies
are increasingly used in recreational architecture to encourage people to be physically active and socially integrate.

Public architecture: schools, hospitals and other public facilities

Public facilities such as schools, hospitals and libraries play an important role in communities, serving social needs and purposes. Designing public buildings requires taking into account factors such as
durability, ecology
. Contemporary public architecture also puts more and more emphasis on
accessibility for people with disabilities
integration with the environment
, which aims to create friendly and accessible spaces.

Industrial architecture: factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities

Industrial architecture includes the design of industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses or logistics centers. It is characterized by functionality, efficiency and thoughtful use of space. Industrial architecture often uses
large open spaces
that allow the free movement of materials and people, and
modern storage and logistics systems
that are designed to optimize production and distribution processes.


All of these architectural types and styles create an incredibly diverse and inspiring landscape of contemporary architecture, influencing people’s quality of life and the environment in which they live. By offering comprehensive design services, making sure that our projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, ecological and tailored to the needs of our clients, we strive to create unique and inspiring spaces that will meet the expectations and delight of users.