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BIASTUDIO jest wiodącym biurem architektonicznym zajmującym się projektowaniem budynków i wnętrz, konserwacją bundynków, nadzorem budowlanym oraz doradztwem w budownictwie.


MRIAI, MSc. Eng. arch.




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He has been professionally involved in architectural design for 20 years. I have been a partner and manager of BiA STUDIO for 15 years. During my professional career, I have participated in many prestigious investments in Dublin and Poland. I completed a course in Architecture Management and Construction Contracts at University College Dublin in 2007, obtaining an Irish architectural licence in 2009, and then my qualifications were recognised by the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland in 2010 and the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers in 2011. I have a full range of qualifications to design, supervise and manage the construction of architectural objects. My specialization is project management and implementation of new technologies. I have completed many investments, in particular in the field of modernization, reconstruction and conservation of monuments.


Creating space: an architectural vision

I am the President of the Management Board of BiA STUDIO and my role is to ensure the effective functioning of the entire team. I believe that good architecture is the result of teamwork, using the talents of all participants, but above all, listening to the investor and understanding his needs. In design, the aspect of functionality and improving the quality of life for the user of architecture is important to me. I believe that good architecture is durable, beautiful and not overly verbose. I love modern materials and technologies.


Architecture of the Heart: Inspiration and Sacrifice

My passion is traveling. I love getting to know different cultures, the beauty of nature and cuisines of the world. Each journey is a professional inspiration for me. With each new project, he evokes motifs and ideas observed during trips. I am also passionate about modern and ecological technologies. I believe that thanks to technology and engineering ideas, we can change the world for the better and harmoniously inscribed in nature.


Projects with Passion: Architectural Activities for a Better Future

I like to work as a team. I focus on listening, observing and planning. Each participant of the investment process: investor, architect, engineer, contractor can creatively participate in the project if they are offered time and space for creative participation. My task is to arrange all these thoughts into a logical and effective sequence of events. Many years of experience at the stage of project implementation on the construction site allows me to implement new design ideas that bring success in implementation. I like challenges and complicated tasks. Such tasks stimulate imagination and creativity.

BiA Studio Projects

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