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BIASTUDIO jest wiodącym biurem architektonicznym zajmującym się projektowaniem budynków i wnętrz, konserwacją bundynków, nadzorem budowlanym oraz doradztwem w budownictwie.

Frequently asked questions

What does an architectural firm do?

An architectural bureau is a professional firm that specializes in design, creation of innovative construction concepts, as well as construction consulting and supervision. The activities of such an office include a wide range of design services that are essential to the success of any construction project. Experienced architects and designers in an architectural office work with clients to understand their needs, goals and visions. These services include the design of a variety of building types, such as residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings, as well as renovations, upgrades and space adaptations. In addition, architectural offices offer professional consulting and construction supervision, providing comprehensive services at every stage of the project. Using advanced tools and technologies, architectural offices are able to provide high-quality projects that comply with current construction regulations and standards. If you are looking for a partner for an architectural project, it is worth contacting an architectural bureau to learn more about their services and opportunities for cooperation.

What to look for when choosing an architectural firm?

Choosing an architectural firm is a key step in the implementation of a construction project. Before you make a decision, it's important to review the office's portfolio, reputation and credentials. Make sure they have an experienced design team that can meet your budget and deadline expectations. In addition, pay attention to the location of the office, as this can affect the effectiveness of communication and cooperation. A careful analysis of these factors will help you make the best choice for your project.

How much does it cost to design a house with an architect?

The cost of a house project with an architect can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the house, its type, location, complexity of the project and the individual requirements of the client. Architects usually use different billing models, which can affect the final price of the project. Remember that the price of the house project itself does not include the cost of obtaining the necessary permits, the cost of workmanship and any additional costs, such as consultation with other specialists. To get an accurate quote for a house project, we recommend contacting the selected architectural firm directly to discuss the details of the project and the possibilities of cooperation.

What does construction supervision do?

Construction supervision is an important part of the construction process, aimed at ensuring that the implementation of a project complies with its documentation and with the provisions of the construction law and technical standards. The person or team responsible for construction supervision monitors the progress of work on site, checks the quality of workmanship and ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with applicable standards and approved plans. Construction supervision plays a key role in ensuring that the construction process is carried out properly and the quality of the final product is maintained. It is an important element that helps minimize the risk of problems arising and ensures that construction is in line with the investor's expectations and legal and technical requirements

What is needed to obtain a building permit?

Obtaining a building permit is a key stage in the process of implementing a construction project. In order to obtain a permit, it is necessary to gather a number of documents and meet certain conditions. It is required to submit a complete construction project, prepared by an authorized architect or designer. The design should contain all the necessary information about the planned building, including its size, functions, construction materials, etc. In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain a localization opinion, which confirms the compliance of the planned building with the local zoning plan and building regulations. If the area where construction is planned is covered by a local zoning plan, it may be necessary to obtain a zoning decision, which specifies the rules and restrictions on construction in the area. For larger developments, it may be necessary to obtain an opinion on the environmental impact of the development and to meet any environmental protection requirements. A number of administrative documents, such as a building permit application, statements on the right to dispose of the property, a land use permit, etc., must be attached to the building permit application. Remember that requirements may vary depending on the location and specifics of the planned construction project. It is advisable to consult your local municipality or other relevant institutions for details on the procedures and documents required to obtain a building permit.