O nas

BIASTUDIO jest wiodącym biurem architektonicznym zajmującym się projektowaniem budynków i wnętrz, konserwacją bundynków, nadzorem budowlanym oraz doradztwem w budownictwie.



This project presents a public space that combines modernity and functionality, adapted to the needs of the local community. The centerpiece of the project is a concrete structure with a canopy supported by slender steel poles, providing both shelter from the weather and a place for community gatherings. The design is distinguished by vibrant color accents in yellow and gray tones, which add character and modernity to the overall design.

In addition, the space is equipped with minimalist but functional urban elements, such as benches and bins, which provide comfort to users. The whole is designed to integrate with the existing surroundings, offering easy access and clarity of space.