O nas

BIASTUDIO jest wiodącym biurem architektonicznym zajmującym się projektowaniem budynków i wnętrz, konserwacją bundynków, nadzorem budowlanym oraz doradztwem w budownictwie.

Nowe Warpno

This project is the realization of a contemporary residential building, in which the key element is a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics. The main goal was to create a space that combines the features of traditional architecture with modern material and technological solutions.

A lot of glass has been used to provide abundant natural lighting for the interiors and to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces such as terraces and gardens. The thoughtful use of wood in exterior structures adds warmth and introduces a natural element that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The body of the building is simple but modern, with clearly defined lines and forms. Ecological solutions, such as rainwater recovery systems or solar panels, are also characteristic of the project, which emphasize the sustainable nature of the investment.